New mum to be - Sisi food sculptor
New mum to be - Sisi food sculptor

New mum to be

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Looking for the perfect gift for a pregnant woman in your life? This is a special hamper box for pregnant ladies. We focused on ginger to relieve nausea and morning sickness which are common symptoms during pregnancy.

- Artisan Belgium Chocolate Bar

- Ginger Tea

- Dorset Ginger Original (choosable flavour)

- Apple juice with a ginger kick (choosable flavour)

- Crystallised Ginger

-Chocolate covered ginger

- Special hand painted post card

Full Description

-Belgium Chocolate Bar- artisan chocolate bar. This is real chocolate, with an emphasis on quality, not quantity and so suited to those who appreciate the richer, fuller flavors and reduced sugars and additives that true, fine chocolate has to offer.

-Ginger Tea: Dorset Tea Ginger & Sunshine Lemon Tea is a sweet and spicy beverage that may help to strengthen your immunity. This is thanks to the high traces of antioxidants that are found in Ginger. Drinking a combination of ginger and lemon prior to a long journey is commonly regarded as ideal preventative for motion sickness too!

-Dorset Ginger Original:A soft ginger aroma with a subtle spice finish. A great to enjoy on its own or mixed with soft drinks or fruit juices.

-Apple juice with a ginger kick.An alcohol-free spicy drink, lovely on its own or mixed with soft drinks or spirits.A brand new product for 2019 and it has already won silver at The Taste of the West Awards.Refreshing apple juice with a ginger kick to finish.

-Crystallised Ginger, Best Quality For Maximum Flavour. This form of ginger makes a delicious treat and can add a bit of 'zing' to cake and biscuit recipes holding together when stem ginger might be too soft in texture. It’s moist and delicious, chewy but not stringy. Chop and sprinkle over ice cream/yogurt.

- Chocolate-covered ginger: Spicy candied ginger pieces wrapped in smooth dark chocolate.

- Card: Hand illustrated Notecard for New mums or Pregnant ladies.