Cozy day & Coffee gift box - Sisi food sculptor

Cozy day & Coffee gift box

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If you have a coffee fanatic in your midst, this is the perfect gift for them. You will find the best local coffee in the gift box.
What would be better than a wonderfully luxurious seasonal scent to your home?

- Coffee: A combination of our some of our favourite natural processed coffees, from Brazil and Ethiopia. Rich notes of milk chocolate, gingerbread and stewed fruits.
- Artisan chocolate bar: We've crafted a selection of chocolate flavours with organic and natural ingredients that will wow the tastebuds of everyone
- Connock Christmas candle: this is a warm, festive fragrance opening with spicy cinnamon and clove, a heart of clementine, mandarin, orange and grounded by an earthy base of patchouli.
- Candle Snuffer Stainless Steel and rose gold colour,19cm
- Luxury Matches: Glass Jar with Lavender Grey Tipped Matches and Striker Paper in Reusable Bottle