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I believe in doing the right things; that is my character and personality. Gianluigi Buffon

Hey, I am Sisi a carving artist and a founder of Rosegold & Grey,artisan gifting.

I caught fire gifting. I always thought my dream was to be a professional artist, sculptor, or maybe a painter who got a workshop at home. It seemed like an approporiate dream give me a professional stone sculptor qualification. I yearned to learn more and more, something different. And that's when it happened, the spark I was missing ignited the instant clicked to see the first themed, personalized hamper, gift box. Since then,I can't get enough.

Until I can create and give value to my customers I am happy and my life is fulfilled.I am on the right way. 


Our Story

After I graduated from high school I tried to find a creative way to express myself throughout my art.
So last 7 years I got experience with different materials like cheese, avocado, melon, broccoli and recently I quite enjoy carving soap as well.

I started to create bespoke gift boxes to give appropriate packaging for my carving to present them to my customers.

It all began in my living room when I started to create gift boxes to present my art in a way that they all deserved. At the main time, I discovered something new  how I can do more personalized gifts for my customers. Chocolate comes across. I started to create artisan, handmade chocolate bars.

I always have a passion for gift boxes and I just love to give a personal touch to each of them. I got more and more enquiries, so this is how Rosegold & Grey artisan gifting is born.

Discover the most amazing present for your loved one! Stay healthy and positive!

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Our mission

Our gift boxes filled with natural shredded paper are full of high spec luxury items.

I wanted to create unique gift boxes that you can't find anywhere. I am an artist who knows, appreciates, and understands the true value of a handmade product. I am working with artists and brands that offer luxury, hand-made products.

Health is really important for us and we only want the best quality of skincare products for our customers.
All of the skincare products that you will find in our gift boxes are:
-Uniquely British
-Handmade in small batches
-Cruelty Free
-Most of them Palm Oil free
-No Synthetic Colours
-No Synthetic Fragrance

We appreciate the importance of offering environmentally friendly gifts and packaging, please let us know if this is a priority and we will advise you on the best options for your brief.

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