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I believe in doing the right things; that is my character and personality. Gianluigi Buffon

Hey, I am Sisi a carving artist,cake and chocolate designer and a founder of
Rosegold & Grey,artisan gifting.

Branded,personalised biscuits,cakes,dessert tables,doughnuts that will fit into your chosen theme,colour.

Every one of our cakes are baked from scratch using fresh high quality ingredients. We use madagascan bourbon vanilla, fresh fruit zests, fair trade chocolate, home made curds and caramels, and fruit conserve with a minimum 55% fruit percentage. All standard cakes are made up from four layers of sponge and filling, and every iced cake is sealed with a final coat of luxury white or dark chocolate ganache.

Until I can create and give value to my customers I am happy and my life is fulfilled.I am on the right way. 


Our Story

After I graduated from high school I tried to find a creative way to express myself throughout my art.
So last 7 years I got experience with different materials like cheese, avocado, melon, broccoli and recently I quite enjoy carving soap as well..

It all began in my living room when I started to create gift boxes to present my art in a way that they all deserved. At the main time, I discovered something new  how I can do more personalized gifts for my customers. Chocolate comes across. I started to create artisan, handmade chocolate bars and after this a fall in love cake and cake decoratinmg.

I started to bake for friends and family first than  I got more and more enquiries, so this is how Rosegold & Grey artisan gifting is born.

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One of the most feedback I got is : "OMG,these are too beauful to eat"and another one is:" This is really edible?" And I am so proud that I can mix these two together.My creations are looking incredible but in the same time they taste amazing too.And I always pay more attention for consultation with my customers because I always create special,personalised things for them. I want people to know desserts,chocolates,cakes,doughnuts can look like a piece of art but can be delicious in the same time.

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