Baking Equipment / Icing and Wafer sheets

We are often asked the difference between the two types of edible paper and and which type is best for your edible printing needs. We've put together a quick and comprehensive guide on both wafer paper and icing sheets and which one you should choose.


Wafer paper is a vegan and vegetarian edible paper usually made from potato starches, water and oil. It closely resembles standard paper. Wafer paper is perfect for edible printing and has a variety of uses in cake, dessert and drink decoration detailed later in this guide.If you decide to choose wafer paper on cake or cupcake topper,we do recommend to use a thin layer of white fondant to under your wafer paper.Many bakers use them without fondant so it's your personal decision how do you like to use it.


Icing sheets are comprised of a thin layer of white icing pressed onto a plastic backing paper, to allow them to be fed through an edible printer. The backing sheet is peeled off before applying the icing sheet image onto a cake. Some types of icing sheets require freezing or heating to remove them from the backing sheet which can be problematic,but we use easy peel icing sheets that doesn't require  any of these.Icing sheets have been specially developed with an easy-peel formula and can be quickly and easily peeled away from the backing plastic.  EPS Icing sheets are also suitable for vegetarians or vegans and are gluten free. Icing sheets are the most popular choice of edible paper for those wanting to create edible printed cake toppers.